Social Media and SEO- 6 Steps to Get Brand Awareness

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Whether it is a start-up or an established business, there are certain golden keys that you must follow in order to bring in more audience to your brand, and also to create a perpetually growing social media following. While it might be very easy to assume that all you need to capture a huge audience is some exciting, unique and viral content, this simple strategy could lead to undue disaster. The better strategy here would be to take advantage of an already existing viral trend and ride out your marketing strategy based on this one.

This simply means that as a content creator or the owner of a website, it is far more strategic to use existing viral content for your website, rather than creating completely new and unique content and hoping that it turns viral. This simple strategy allows your website to bring in more traffic as well as gain more followers.

However, for this strategy to take off, you will first need to have a well established social media profile. The aim of this strategy is not to gain hundreds of followers for your website, rather, to gain quality followers who follow your niche and can do justice to your content and your website.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to get brand awareness

  1. Creating several social media accounts

In order to bring to attention your brand to your audience, you will first need to advertise your brand in front of their virtual eyes. This means creating company social media profiles across several social media platforms. Some of the most popular social media pages where you must have a company presence ar: Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest, LinkedIn, etc.

All of these social media websites are high-authority social media websites and having a company profile in these websites will help your company to rank higher in Google search engine websites. The strategy to play here is to post a lot of content on these social media websites, to draw in target audience to this content, to encourage them to like, share and comment on this content, etc. The more your audience interacts with your content, the higher your brand or your company will rank in SEO.

  1. Identifying your target audience

Your target audience already exists online; it is just that they are focusing their energy on some other website at the moment. An important step to take here is to identify what kind of target audience you are looking to attract, and then search for the top leaders in your particular niche. It is most likely that your target audience is spending its time on the websites of these top leaders. Once you have identified them, you will need to find a strategic way to redirect this audience from these websites on to your own website.

  1. Follow the competitor’s audience closely

Once you have successfully identified your target audience, and what kind of websites they are spending their time on, you will need to figure out a marketing strategy which will turn their attention to your website instead. Once you have caught their attention, the strategy will turn into engaging them and keeping them focused on your content, instead of your competitors’ content. You must also identify certain ‘power followers’. These are followers who have a large fan following of their own.

Obviously, engaging the attention of a power follower would lead to you grabbing the attention of his subsequent followers as well. Use this strategy over all of your social media pages. If you can successfully identify the followers of your niche, there is a high chance the followers will want to follow you back as your content belongs to the same niche as their interest. By simply following around 200 people on each of your social media accounts, you will be able to gain back quite a huge number of followers simply within 30 days.

  1. Use existing viral content

This advice goes back to the first part of this article, where the strategy is to use existing viral content instead of creating new content and hoping it gets viral. One way of identifying existing viral content is to log in to Google News, type in the niche you are looking for, and research through the news stories that crop up. Try and identify what kind of news stories are gaining the most audience, some keywords, or eye-catching headlines. You can also search for viral videos on YouTube which have been made in your particular niche. Now, simply copy and paste these videos to your social media accounts and allow the traffic to pour in.

  1. Add your own twist to the viral content

Once you have identified the particular type of viral content that your niche is enjoying, it is time for you to add your own tweak to this content. You can do this by creating some content on the same topic, with an even more titillating headline. Post this new content, along with some viral videos on to your social media pages, and enjoy the audiences being drawn to your website.

  1. Post relevant content on your social media pages

In step 2 and 3, you were asked to identify certain top leaders in your niche, follow their audience, and slowly engage this audience on to your website and content. This is where step-2 and step-3 start to finally pay off. Once you have identified the target audience, you will start posting relevant, ‘unique viral content’ on to your social media pages.

Your target audience, since they are already following your niche, will start to like, comment and even share your content. Every time an audience interacts with your website, a new backlink is created. This will help to boost your ranking in SEO and gain more popularity and ranking.

By following this very simple strategy of using existing viral content, tweaking it and posting it on your website, you can gain an audience and boost your SEO ranking for free! It is not that difficult to become a high-ranking SEO Company if you are simply able to engage your target audience with their preferred niche.

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