Building a viral marketing campaign is the goal of every marketer. When a company’s marketing campaign goes viral, it’s sales, engagement, and brand awareness increase dramatically. However, while there is no short cut to make a marketing campaign go viral on the Internet, there are some marketing tactics you can employ to increase the odds […]

Google has been keeping a low profile for the past few years as far as sweeping changes to its algorithms are concerned. Of course, there has been a fair amount of change in the layout of the SERPs, the launch of a mobile-friendly update, and RankBrain, its latest effort in artificial intelligence for Google search. […]

Looking for the best food trucks in Huntsville and around the TN Valley? Well so were we, so we decided to start this directory of all of the regular food trucks that operate in the greater Huntsville area. This list is added to and updated regularly so be sure to check back from time to […]

What exactly are the best ranking factors in today’s Google game? And how do they affect you? Well, when you perform a search with a keyword, a series of results turn up. Now, these outcomes are ranked in order of their quality and relevance. Many online search engine users won’t even look beyond the first couple […]

Google is Still a Simple Machine. And This is How it Works… Updated: Feb 28, 2017 I’m gonna keep this one short, because it’s truly a very simple matter to rank a site, a page or a video in Google’s SERPs right now. And before I just dive in and lay it out… I need […]