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Having a well-designed website is not enough. A website can be good-looking and ineffective at the same time. In general, a good website should be visible on the internet. It should be ranked high on search engines. In addition to this, the website should be able to convert its visitors to become customers. In this article, we will look at some of the most important SEO tips that you should look for in 2020.

Quality Content

Content is an important thing you should focus on. This is because of several reasons. First, people use the internet because they want to get answers. As such, you should provide these visitors with the answers that they need. The best way to do this is to invest in quality content that gives them these answers. Second, the content will help your website receive many organic backlinks. A backlink is a link that comes from another website. Google uses these links to measure the effectiveness of a website. Third, quality content will help improve your brand. 

Therefore, you should invest in quality content. You can do this by hiring an experienced content writer. This should be a person with more than a decade of experience in the industry you serve. You can also do this by outsourcing your content requirements to a company that specializes in it.

Invest in Voice Search

Voice is a relatively new concept. However, it is an industry that has grown very fast in the past few years. In the United States, millions of people have smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and HomePod. In addition, more than 90% of people in the country have a Google or Apple iPhone. These smartphones have voice assistants. Google’s assistant is known as Google Assistant while Apple’s assistant is known as Siri. As a business, it is a mistake to ignore voice search. You should ensure that your developer has created quality content that is optimized for voice search. The idea is to come up with content that answers common questions.

Website Security

Security is an important concept today. This is because of the vulnerabilities that we have witnessed in the past few years. Every year, more than $5 trillion is stolen from the internet around the world. User data is also compromised every day. This has increased as more people have accelerated their use of cryptocurrency. Google has taken notice. In statements, the company has said that it prioritizes websites that are safe to use. Therefore, you should ensure that your website has the best security features. You should also ensure that you use the most modern security platforms. 

Responsive Design

We are all using various devices to search the internet. We use smartphones, tablets, watches, and desktops. Google believes in offering quality services to its customers. Therefore, it always looks at websites that are optimized for all devices. This is called responsive designs. According to SoftwareCy, you should look at whether your website is mobile-friendly. You can use the free tool provided by Google.

Local Keywords

The internet is a big place. This means that it is very difficult for you to rank when you decide to target a global audience. A better way to do this is to target local customers. You can do this by focusing on local keywords. For example, if you run a SEO company in San Jose, your main keyword can be SEO San Jose. This is a better keyword than SEO California. Research show that companies that focus on local keywords do better than those that target a very big area.


The idea behind the internet is that of a web. The web has many interconnected pieces. Therefore, you should ensure that your website has many links. These links should point to it. To do this, you should ensure that you have quality content that other web owners will find useful. You should also have internal links. This is a situation where you have links that point to other pages of the website. This is a good thing because it will help promote your search rankings.

Final Thoughts

Having a website that is not optimized well for search engines is not desirable. This is because no one will see the website. Also, it will increase your marketing costs because you have to pay Google and Facebook to promote it. Therefore, following the tips mentioned here will help you rank higher and do more business.

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