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This is something I get asked about all the time from small business owners.  Please look at our responsive web design service for full details.



Responsive web design (RWD) is a technique to web design targeted at crafting sites to offer a most favorable viewing and interaction experience throughout a large range of gadgets (from desktop computer monitors to any mobile devices; Recommendation: Wikipedia) In simple words, Responsive web design indicates a design that adjusts to its environment.


The popularity of the use of different sizes of gadgets is increasing ever since. Making use of mobile phones to search the internet accounts the half of the overall users all over the world. Enhancing mobile users have actually made it imperative to create websites that exclusively fit these different sizes, which is extremely tedious. Thus, the advancement must be performed in such a method, that the site must fit huge or little any screen with minimal differences and changes.


Responsiveness is the capability to read and browse with ease offered minimum resizing, less scroll and minimum panning. Now the question is, THE BEST WAYS TO do this with minimum efforts while making the design pixel perfect?

Responsive website design uses fluid to adjust to the container along with that it uses, proportionate grids, versatile images and CSS3 media inquiries.

The fluid or liquid idea uses percentage instead of pixels that is otherwise utilized in repaired principles. The advantage is that you do not have to consider the device size; setting a portion view will make it fit perfectly, the design will adjust to the size of the device by itself.

Versatile images are sized in relative devices to prevent them from spreading outside the container while advancement.

Media questions judge the ability of the device. They assist the site to adjust according to the gadget and its requirements such as width and height of viewport & gadget, orientation (landscape or portrait mode of the device), resolution et al. to make the design look ideal.

Adaptive and responsive is frequently misused and used as synonyms but they are not. There is a distinction between fixed, fluid and responsive web-development.

Adaptive websites use media inquiries to target certain media i.e. gadget sizes, displays, mobile device screens, etc. whereas, responsive sites are constructed with the fluid to adapt to the environment aspect easily and make use of media questions to manage the resizing in accordance with the device or web browser.


A responsive site is a fundamental shift to how we’ll create our websites for years to come. PopNet Media has currently recognized the shift and provides every site with a responsive design. All the websites we have actually designed and developed are completely responsive to every sizes and shape of the device. Here’s one we love:


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