Viral Marketing 101: How To Go Viral

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Building a viral marketing campaign is the goal of every marketer. When a company’s marketing campaign goes viral, it’s sales, engagement, and brand awareness increase dramatically. However, while there is no short cut to make a marketing campaign go viral on the Internet, there are some marketing tactics you can employ to increase the odds of creating a successful viral campaign. In this article, we’re going to get to the bottom of viral marketing and explore how to give your marketing campaign the best shot.

  1. Make it visual

Adding images or video to your campaign is one of the most important things you need to do if you want to build a viral marketing campaign. While these can be costly, they are worth the investment. Creating a compelling video or finding a captivating image to go along with your text will have a better chance of capturing your audience attention than just with a big block of text.

However, make sure the video and image you’re creating match your brand. Never include a photo or make a video that compromises your brand in any way. You should consider yourself an industry leader when creating videos and image. Your visual must be humorous, informative or surprising — the more informative your visual, the more chance of getting it shared.

  1. Know your audience

Another thing is that you need to know your target audience to develop a viral marketing campaign. Nothing goes viral on its own; you have to convey the right message to the right audience. If you are targeting the wrong audience, you won’t be able to grow your business.

Find out who are your targeted audiences and where they live online will help you feel confident and move beyond assumptions that you’re reaching the right audience. Keep in mind that your audience is not the same as other company audience. A marketing campaign with people taking photo shoot may work well for a fashion company, but it’s not going to reach the same level real estate company.

  1. Make it Shareable

Viral marketing is all about spreading your campaigns like a virus all over the Internet. Therefore, it will be smart to make your content sharable as seamless as possible. Simply create calls-to-action on your webpage that encourages people to share with their friends. Make sure your audience doesn’t have to perform five tasks before locating the share option.  

Enable sharing on all of your content gives your viewers the ability to tag their friends on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Regardless of what your marketing campaign is all about, you also need to make sure that your message gets across clear and loud. Engage essential information that will make people comfortable sharing your content. You can also use the copypasta meme strategy to drive engagement, and deliver the right message to your audience. 

  1. Don’t be too promotional

Don’t hit your audience too hard with a promotional campaign. If you try too hard to sell your products and services with promotional content, your company will struggle. Viral marketing rarely talks about benefits, features, or price. Instead, they tell stories that help your audience understand your brand and its values. 

Viral marketing is all about improving your relationship with your existing audience and increasing your brand exposure. Therefore, if your marketing campaign doesn’t grow naturally, then you may need to go back to the drawing board and start again. The more you work on your viral marketing techniques, the better your campaigns will become.

  1. Utilize Influencers

Viral marketing campaigns are not all about spending more on advertising. Using influencers is another valuable way to make your marketing campaign go viral on the Internet. Influencers give your marketing strategy a powerful launching pad, to increase your customer base, but remember that your content has to be relevant to the influencer you’re hoping to use. 

Influencers will help you build brand authority, increase exposure, and connect with new audiences. With influencers, you can guarantee that your campaign will at least be visible to all of the people in your influencers’ networks.

  1. Work the Emotions

Your target audience shares any message that arouses emotions among them. As you plan your viral marketing campaign, make sure there is an emotional catch. A good marketing campaign hit the target audience fast with strong emotional words.

According to experts, emotions are divided into arousal emotions and non-arousal emotions irrespective of them being positive emotions or negative emotions. Positive emotions like curiosity, admiration, amazement, interest, uncertainty, astonishment, activate the audience and increase the odds of content being shared. Negative emotions like anxiety, fear, hatred, and anger have more chances of being shared by the audience as it also serves as an arousal emotion. 

  1. Building your brand 

Don’t be obsessed with the idea of a viral marketing campaign. While having viral content on your webpage can be a great way to grow your company, you might miss the sight of the big picture if you spend too much time trying to go viral and leaving other core aspects of the company.

It’s best to keep your focus on consistency and build a brand that your customers will love. The more you build affinity and relationships with your target, the more you’ll learn about what they like and dislike. Understanding your audiences, and the market they exist in gives you a foundation for building a stronger brand.


There is no easy roadmap to making your marketing campaign go viral, but choosing the right tactics will be a vital first step. You can also increase your likelihood of success when you use other tactics, tests run them and see which does best.

There are plenty of benefits if your viral marketing campaigns evolve. You will have a lot of people talking about your campaign, which builds up brand awareness and therefore means more sales. If you’ve always wanted your marketing campaign to go viral and be successful, then it’s time to take the steps above.

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