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No homeowner would want to build their house using outdated construction methods. However, most website owners still use outdated content marketing strategies. Building up a good content marketing strategy involves coming up with a strong blueprint. It takes time, effort, attention to details and an insightful knowledge of your industry. Your strategies must be concise, clear and complete. You must ensure that all elements work together effectively to create a cohesive whole. Here is a good blueprint SEO strategy to help you out.

In the present SEO environment, website owners require a multi-faceted approach to their content and their website. You must always be updated and conversant with the tech-heavy expectations of major search engines. Unlike the past, you do not just publish your articles once in a while on your blog and leave it at that. You require a uniform combination of content marketing practices and publishing frequency. An effective SEO blueprint means analyzing your objectives, identifying your target audience and checking what your competitors are doing. This will help you come up with a good line of attack to help you emulate great moves and develop better outputs.

Analyzing business goals and identifying target audience

Every business must research and identify the best SEO strategies that they can consistently execute for success. A business should know their short term and long term goals both for now and the future. Smart goals will help website owners track the SEO strategies that work best for their plan. This means that websites should know their business objectives, their target audience, and their anticipated annual business growth.

SEO translates to relevant traffic growth. Therefore, a website must keep track of organic traffic that turns visitors into actual buyers or leads for them to stay relevant in their field. Investments in SEO must be directed towards escalating your business outputs. Therefore, it is crucial to invest adequate energy and time into the early stages of your strategies to ensure that you are attracting traffic that eventually converts and not just any traffic. Knowing where you are going will help you come up with strategies that will help you get there as you measure your success over time and make necessary adjustments where possible.


Successful businesses always invest in research. Website owners should know what is currently happening with their marketing efforts and their site so that they can customize an effective SEO technique. A good SEO strategy must have research on the following:

  • Competitor analysis– You must know your competitors and the different strategies that they are using. You should also search for opportunities that you can target and areas that most of your competitors have ignored.
  • Industry content that attracts more links- You should know the type of content that drives in most of the sharing and followings in social media and links.
  • Keyword researchKeyword research has evolved over the years and you do not just choose and target different keywords. To be successful, you must focus on topic selection, research and targeting.
  • Market research in the specific niche/sector-You should know your specific audience, the social media platforms they love and the communities that they join.

Content development

Content still rules on the internet. Conversions and keywords alone will not help you succeed. You must create content that will engage your audience and make them stay on your website longer. Make sure you develop content that will keep your customers throughout the marketing funnel and eventually turn them to buyers. The right content will also get more shares on the social platforms and this can help to strengthen your brand, boost popularity and get you more links. Great content boosts brand recognition and your customers will recognize your content and your brand wherever it appears.

Know your digital assists

Since you have a wide variety of digital assets, you must determine what you have and what you think is necessary then you can follow up the metrics to gauge whether your efforts are effective or not. Auditing your assets gives you the information that you require to create and refine a successful SEO strategy. You should audit your website information architecture and compare with your keyword research results and business goals. This will help you determine whether your website needs a review or not. A website audit should include the following:

  • Site navigation
  • Site Structure
  • On page optimization
  • Backlinks portfolio
  • Depth of your content
  • Content Inventory
  • Website client journey blockage/holdups
  • Accessibility
  • Crawlability
  • Indexation
  • Content suitability and appropriateness
  • Engaging or performing copy and poor copy
  • Previous campaign efforts and results
  • Previous possible issues or penalty

Develop your website’s usability

A successful SEO technique must have a UX element for it to be effective. The strategies you use will depend on whether you are building your website from scratch or it is already running. Take time to assess whether your website offers excellent user experience. Your user experience will negatively or positively affect your SEO efforts. Your users must enjoy viewing your website so that they can translate to actual customers.

Website Speed

Your SEO plan will not be effective if you do not review your website speed. Any minimal improvement that will enhance the experience of the user and guarantee fast navigation and browsing will foster conversions and engagement. You should audit the overall ability of your website to perform well using tools like WebpageTest, Dareboost, or GTMetrix. You will get tremendous insights and various plugins to boost your website speed.

Irrespective of what is said, 70% of SEO is quite easy and with the right foundations you can get a good share in your niche market. In most businesses, SEO does not require the continuous, costly monthly optimization. The above mentioned are some of the simple techniques that can help you achieve a better ranking on the search engines. With these SEO foundations techniques, you will be able to achieve higher rankings and enhance your business.


Author Bio

Derek Iwasiuk is a SEO expert with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He has provided SEO services for more than 100 clients both big multinationals and small businesses. You can follow his website at to learn more about blueprint SEO strategy.

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