Reasons To Do A SEO Content Audit On Your Site

  • July 11, 2017
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A content audit for SEO is important to consider and includes an entire inventory of indexable content on the domain, a close monitoring and analysis of the content with the use of performance metrics in order to help determine which content to keep and which to improve. There will be SEO content which might be kept as it is and those that require improvement. Indeed, such performance metrics can be derived from various sources to improve the content through consolidation and removal. Besides this, there are several other reasons for considering SEO content auditing.

Key Reasons for Auditing SEO Content

A content audit is must to consider. It is done for better outcomes and indeed there are various purposes for doing so. When it comes to SEO, a content audit can help you determine the following:

  • Tricks to escaping search engine ranking penalty or filter relating to the content.
  • Identifying content that needs editing or copywriting for an improved quality
  • Tracing out content that requires improvement and needs to be updated
  • Content requiring consolidation just because of overlapping topics
  • Content to be eliminated or removed from the site
  • The finest way to prioritize which content should be kept and which should be removed
  • Determine the content gap opportunity
  • Determine which content ranks for what set of keywords
  • Which content must rank for a particular set of keywords
  • Determine strong pages on the domain and tricks to leveraging them
  • Finding unraveled content marketing opportunity

Although each of the above-mentioned insights and outcomes is the result of a content audit, the overall purpose of the content audit may be summed up in a few words. The chief purpose of the content audit is simply to enhance the perceived quality and trust of the domain. It also optimizes the crawl budget, the ranking signals and the PR or flow of page ranking. If you wish to achieve such goals, it is must to remove poor quality content from the various indexes of search engines.

Some Tips to Consider for SEO Content Auditing

Just like in the case of SEO, from on-page changes, technical changes to site migrations, things can go wrong when you are performing content auditing. Follow the tips to content auditing:

  • Take an inventory of the content that is available for indexation. The content will be analyzed against various metrics and the ‘action of what’ and the ‘details of HOW to do’ will be prepared.
  • The process of the audit may be split roughly into three different phases like, inventory and auditing, further analysis and suggestions for improvement, summarizing the whole thing and reporting.
  • The task of taking inventory of content starts from crawling the site.
  • Crawl all the various indexable URLs

An auditing dashboard is also needed internally for content auditing. A content audit will help you to arrive at the recommendations or tips for improving the site content.

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