Custom Advertising Flags

The premium advertising display flags that we offer by default come in these designs: BLADE, TEARDROP, Square Cut and SHARK Blade. Since these are premium materials they are designed to be used with our premium pole that are made of sturdy fiberglass and graphite composite to ensure durability and longevity.  The main features about these flag styles is that they allow your message or logo to be seen at all times, regardless if there is wind activity or not. This ensures that your message will be viewable by everyone.  To finsh these off we offer a wide variety of ground attachments from our in-ground rotating spike, to floor stands to be used indoors or on hard surfaces, as well as wall mounts. All are easy to assemble, setup and takedown.

Sizes Available 7′, 11.5′, 13.5′
Print Sides Single Reverse or Double Sided
Shapes Teardrop, Blade, Square Cut, Shark Blade
Materials Nylon, Evertex
Finishing Options Pole Sleeve