How Instagram Is Redefining & Reshaping the Fashion World

Instagram has always been an effective photo-sharing mobile app that was initially designed predominantly for storytelling. You all know that fashion is one industry that relies mainly on powerful graphics and visuals. Ever since Instagram was introduced in 2010, it has completely transformed the fashion landscape. According to the Instagram’s authorities, they have been able to democratize fashion. Today, after seven years of Instagram, there is a much stronger bond and constant connection with the customer. Instagram is effective in helping fashion brands to come up and build a voice and talk specifically to their target audiences. Today, fashion designers are not restricting themselves to the shows alone. They are thinking of fashion in a much broader context touching the lives of more and more people.

Now we would be examining a few lessons Instagram has been able to teach the fashion community, also ways how brands could be leveraging this popular social media platform for fortifying their image and boost brand growth.

Great for Establishing Brand Identity

As Instagram is a super-effective storytelling medium, fashion retailers and brands are now consistently using Instagram as their key tool for demonstrating their brand personality. A glance through the Instagram page of a specific brand would be providing the visitors a clear concept of the precise brand’s lifestyle, culture, and products of course. Thanks to Instagram, the fashion brands are effectively revealing their brand personality to the target audiences.

In this context, you may consider Burberry’s Instagram, as an instance. It is very much focused on demonstrating the lavish lifestyle that is related to the brand. Likewise, Free People, for instance, clearly demonstrates its bohemian style, festival-merry mood with a profile that is flooded with serene imagery and inspirational sayings. Today people are using Gramista to target their potential audiences.

Best for Creating Community Engagement

One of the most effective and innovative ways of marketing a specific brand is to allow your customer to do the necessary selling. Thanks to the Instagram, today brands are able to create high community engagement. The much-renowned hashtag is continuing to prove to be a really dependable and vital way of boosting reach. Brands are able to create heavy community engagement via the Instagram.

Urban Outfitters, for instance, has been running a program, #UOonyou for quite some time now where customers are required to post their own photographs wearing Urban Outfitters apparel and then go about captioning their picture with the hashtag. The photographs would then be looped to the retail website, blending the digital and physical retail experience. This lets customers assume a pivotal role in “selling” the specific brand to their friends and followers.

Another example to consider would be Lancome when it introduced a #bareselfie campaign. In this case, ladies were required to post photographs sans makeup. As per a report generated by Olapic, this particular campaign ended up generating 50 percent of sales just for their recently released ‘DreamTone’ serum product.

Get an Easy Access to What Is Happening Behind the Scenes

Instagram has been able to almost dissolve the lines of demarcation between the general public and the once exclusive and the elite fashion community. You no longer need to wait for fashion updates and latest collections. Today, people from the fashion world are too glad to take pictures of the runway looks and share them on the social media platform. Many celebrated fashion designers are offering their fans and followers a peek into what is happening behind the scenes in their world.


There is not an iota of doubt that Instagram has redefined and completely radicalized the fashion industry. It has now been successful in transforming the elite and exclusive fashion industry into an easily accessible world for the common man. Moreover, brands are able to now create an identity, generate effective community engagement, and reap amazing returns exceeding expectations.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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