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Becoming a leading blog in your industry can have incredible results for your site. Customers and competitors will look to your blog for information and news within the industry. Here you can build a reputation for both yourself and your company.

  1. Study your audience – Find out who you are trying to reach. What do these readers want to see? Learning what your readers want to see makes writing much easier. Specific topics can make creating posts go quicker, plus these targeted articles are more likely to be shared over social networking sites. There are a few ways to find out what people want to see. Locate competitors blogs and find which blog posts are performing the best. Which ones are sites linking to? Which articles are being shared on social media? This will give you an idea on what readers want to see. Another way to gather some of this information is to simply ask. You can offer follow up emails to customers, asking what questions they would like to have answered about your specific industry.
  2. Get the team writing – The largest blogs on the web do not limit themselves to one writer. By having additional writers contributing to your blog you can cover many more topics, all through different voices. Treat your blog like a magazine. Magazines have a number of different authors who contribute, which also increases the content being added to a site. If you have team members in different departments of the business, get them writing. Sales members and customer service members have different questions from customers, which means different blog topics. Get them to write an article on some of the most popular questions customers have. Increases post from one a week by one writer to one a day from multiple writers.
  3. Spin the content – First thing’s first, don’t copy content or duplicate any. The idea behind spinning articles is to touch base on popular topics often. You may find one article or topic did very well with the readers. Now is the time to revisit the topic. Take the time to spin an article with more focused points. For instance, say you have created a top 5 list that did very well with the readers. Now create focused articles on those five points. This will give you the chance to touch base with the popular topic along with provide some excellent information for your readers. *Note – this isn’t about spinning with some tools, but revisiting the topic and adding more into it.
  4. Get your content shared – There are writers around the world that are being skipped over. The main reason for this is no one is finding their content. It can be very difficult getting your articles shared and viewed, if it was easy everyone would do it. To start off get friends and family sharing your articles. If you have different content writers working on articles, have them share the content as well. Contact sites within the industry and ask for them to share your content. If it is something that is useful, informative, and entertaining chances are they would love to post it. See our Social Media Services
  5. Use visual aides – Don’t limit your blog posts to just words. Create videos, infographs, and make sure to include images with your posts. Sixty-five percent of people are visual learners, which means your articles need to be enticing. Images are a great way to boost the search engine optimization on the page. Make sure to use focused keywords within the title and alt tags, but never keyword stuff.

Author: Chris Hickman is the Founder and CEO at Adficient with 14 years of experience in search marketing and conversion optimization. In 2006 he founded Adwords Suspension and Google Penalty recovery service at to help businesses and websites to get back on Google.

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