Beat Instagram’s Algorithm with These Proven Techniques

  • August 18, 2016
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If Instagram’s algorithm is a point of concern for you, and you are looking to understand how you can increase your visibility on the network, it is a very good idea to get down to the basics and really understand some solid tactics to build your brand presence and announce yourself. Here are some tactics which work very well in accordance with the algorithm and fetch good results every time.

Create and Use Campaign-Specific Links on Instagram

While Instagram is a very diverse marketing platform, it may not be the best choice for selling products, because an overly promotional language does not gel too well with the algorithm. Hence, cross-platform promotion makes a lot of sense as it gets the reach of an Instagram post, and also successfully takes people off the platform and onto your website where you have full control of the content and the presentation. You can use in-post CTAs and also put your link on your bio. The links can be tracked with UTM codes and serve the purpose of driving your followers to your website or blog which has been optimized for sales. You can also use plug-ins like and For optimum content engagement, you could include a teaser; a snippet of the article, that is enough to get them interested and then add a CTA to let them read the rest of the article on your blog.

Leverage Storytelling and User-Generated Content.

The new update has brought something to the limelight which has been around for ages- user-generated stories. If you can engage your social media followers with posts and stories, that automatically makes your posts that much more valuable. If posts written by your followers and customers find their way back to you through hashtags and tags, you are able to build a solid online community and greatly boost your value. The entire collection process can also be automated with services like instamacro. You could include quotes and pictures from your loyal customers to establish a certain pride and solidarity among them, and also increase your popularity. Make sure you ask for permission before using their content or provide a disclaimer at least. Also, always tag the user, or it beats the entire purpose and also infringes their intellectual property.

Go with the Flow

As a brand on Instagram, one of the easiest and perhaps one of the best things to do for you is to follow trending hashtags and post about them if you find something relevant to your business or your cause. It is a great idea to mix things up once in a while and throw some variety into your promotions with personal posts or trending tags. You can incorporate seasons, holidays, films, sports, days of the week and pretty much anything that is trending. This is a great way to attract more traffic. It is, however, important to realize that you shouldn’t pick sides like in political campaigns religious views and so on.

Use Campaign-Specific Hashtags and Video Content

Video has become integral to Instagram’s entire philosophy ever since it was integrated into the service, and hence must also be an integral part of your marketing campaign. You can put up endorsements, new product reviews, workplace videos, pretty much anything that is relevant; you are only limited by your own creativity. Don’t make the videos too long, though, as this automatically drives viewers away. Another important and effective method is to coin exclusive hashtags for your campaign or company and use them on all your posts or all related posts till they become accepted or gain cult status among your fans.


Change is difficult, and the entire cyberspace is always subject to change, be it a new search ranking algorithm by Google, or new algorithm updates on networks like Instagram. It is important that you hire a competent marketing team which is able to stay on top of these changes and ensure that your campaigns are effective and successful at all times.

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